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Need Hope? God Cares and So Do We.

Marketplace Ministries now has a prayer and crisis line: 855 440 HOPE (4673).

If you are going through a rough patch and would like someone to pray for and encourage you, please call our Prayer and Crisis Referral’s hot line, toll free 24/7 to reach a live person.  It’s anonymous. Call us at 855 440 HOPE (4673).

If you would like to share this number with a friend or coworker, we are here to pray for you and those you care about.

We also offer referrals to meet felt needs within the U.S.

God bless you!


If you are struggling in adversity – know that you are not alone.

Adversity comes in all sizes and shapes. No one adversity is like another and no one person’s adversity is less important than another’s.

Marketplace Leaders is concerned about your adversity. We are primarily a teaching and equipping ministry and are not equipped to provide personal counsel to each person who reaches out to us. However, we understand your needs and we have provided several ways to support you.

Since we serve people from around the world, over the years we have received thousands of emails and calls requesting support. To help you, we’ve compiled a page containing the most common questions from people struggling in adversity – along with the responses provided by Os Hillman (who went through his own deep time of adversity) including questions like, “Why me?”, “How long will the adversity last?”, “What is God trying to teach me?”, and more. To access the page, go to Insights into Adversity. Also please visit to download two free chapters of Mr. Hillman’s book, “The Upside of Adversity.”

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