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TGIF Today God Is First is one of the fastest growing daily devotionals online today. Over a quarter of a million men and women around the world receive spiritual encouragement each day through this workplace-focused daily email devotional. Now you can minister to your own website visitors from these 3 options:

1. Link to TGIF from your website. Your website visitors can sign-up to receive TGIF via email by clicking a link from your website to our sign-up form at Click here to access and use TGIF banners!

2. Send TGIF each day by email to your own private subscriber list. Nov available as part of the TGIF CoBrand Equipping program, you can collect the email addresses of your website visitors and automatically send TGIF2 to them each day using our bulk email service with your organization’s logo and name at the top so your subscribers see this as a service you provide. Click here to learn more.

3. Display TGIF on your website. A simple javascript allows your website visitors to read TGIF on a webpage of your own website. Each day, the devotional is automatically updated and displays the current day’s TGIF devotional reading. No additional effort is needed on your part after initial setup! Simply complete the form below to enroll.

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