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Would you like to be a catalyst to minister to those in the workplace in your city? If you are a subscriber to TGIF Today God Is First, you already know the power of these messages to Small Groupsencourage, challenge and inspire you to be a change agent in your workplace, city or nation. What if you could meet with a small group of believers every other week to discuss TGIF messages, bring seekers, or just build relationships with other believers in the workplace? If so, we want to support you to do just that.

What: A bi-weekly gathering of TGIF subscribers who will come together for fellowship, teaching and encouragement. The idea is to connect with existing TGIF subscribers and provide an opportunity to use the content and equipping resources of TGIF and Marketplace Leaders on a local, city level.

Purpose:  To help marketplace believers better understand how they can integrate their Christian faith into their daily work and to be supported in their calling through fellowship, prayer and Bible study together with other TGIF subscribers.

Who we designed this for:

Primary –  A TGIF subscriber in a local city. A TGIF Group consists of a  bi-weekly gathering of TGIF subscribers and/or marketplace believers who will come together for fellowship, teaching and encouragement. The idea is to connect with existing TGIF subscribers and/or marketplace believers and provide an opportunity to use the content and equipping resources of TGIF and Marketplace Leaders on local, city level.

Who? TGIF subscribers who live in your area. And friends of those who are TGIF subscribers to introduce them to TGIF and others in your group as an outreach.

Suggested Meeting Structure: We suggest a every other week meeting time for 5-7 people per group. Once you reach your maximum amount of participants, we recommend starting another group with another facilitator.

Suggested Meeting Time: Morning sessions 7:00- 8:30 a.m. , Luncheon sessions 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m, or a Home Fellowship – 7-9pm.

Meeting Materials: Using books, articles tapes or recorded messages from Marketplace Leaders (see below). TGIF messages will be the main teaching material.

Cost to Participate: Participants would pay only the cost of their materials plus any meals or other expenses. There is no cost to be a participant, or facilitator of a TGIF Group.

Meeting Location and Purpose: Meetings could be held in a conference room in a business owned by a Christian business owner or a restaurant space, workplace area, public resaurant or home. The purpose is to address faith integration issues/questions and create a community of believers who support one another through prayer and deeper relationship. Find a location of a TGIF Group

Online Meeting Option: Some may want to have a teleconference meeting instead of personal meeting. You can easily do this through . The service is free.

Online Support:  Marketplace Leaders will provide an online support site to download study guides and provide listing of where groups meet. We will list your group on our website so others may find you.

The Importance of Staying Connected to Your TGIF Group Between Live Meetings:

It’s hard to stay connected living in a larger city. Marketplace Leaders has created an online resource community. allows you to establish your own free online community group to stay in touch with your group between meetings. Groups, forums and events can be maintained on this site. It’s a great way to stay connected to your local TGIF Group and post prayer needs in your group.

Promotional Tools to help start your group.

Resource Materials for Small Groups

TGIF Small Group Bible StudyTGIF Small Group Bible Study – 12 studies using TGIF as main message and group questions

Many people asked us to develop the TGIF Today God Is First daily devotional into a series of topical bible studies. The popular TGIF devotional is now a 12-week, small group Bible study book. Easy format to facilitate. Will help others workplace believer learn how to integrate their faith life into their work life. Learn more.                    Click here to order your small group study book. Volume discounts are available.

In addition to the TGIF Small Group study of 12 lessons, we have a TGIF devotional book that features 270 messages grouped by topic. So, if your group wants to focus on a theme of work, money, marriage, hearing God, etc, this resource allows you to do this. NewTGIF

Click here to order this resource.

Please Note: There will be subsequent small group TGIF studies available on money, decision making, marriage, sonship, hearing God and more. However, should your group want to continue on other specific topics, a list is below. We ask that you only use TGIF or Marketplace Leaders studies in your group. Each of the following resources have questions for small group discussion after each chapter.

The 9 to 5 Window

The 9 to 5 Window – How Faith Can Transform the Workplace

What happens when Christian believers take the Word of God literally and begin to apply it where they spend sixty to seventy percent of their waking hours? The 9 To 5 Window: How Faith Can Transform The Workplace, provides an in-depth look at this new move of God and how Christians can practically implement their faith with their work life.Hardback, 80 pp. Questions after each chapter. Learn more.


Experiencing the Father’s LoveLearning to Live As Sons and Daughters of Our Heavenly Father

Experiencing the Father's Love

Has a leaders guide and study guide

When God thinks of you, love swells in his heart.” I can imagine the thoughts going through your mind as you reflect on that statement. For many of us, this idea is hard to accept. Do you really believe God loves you, even delights in you? Os Hillman lost his father at age 14. Little did he realize how this would impact his life as a Christian. It would not be until later in his life he would discover how directly connected losing an earthly father is to how difficult it can be to relate to a Heavenly Father. This book will help you gain insight into what it means to experience the love of the Father and the many reasons so many of us never sense God’s love for us. Os shares many personal experiences and insights from others who contribute to a greater understanding of what it means to experience our Heavenly Father’s love. If you never had a father, or had a difficult relationship with your earthly father, this book is for you. Learn more.

Includes a Leader’s Guide and a Group Study guide in printed or ebook format.


Change Agent BookChange Agent: Engaging Your Passion to Be the One Who Makes a Difference – has questions and summaries at end of each chapter

Every person has a desire to influence others. Whether you are a CEO, housewife, student, manager or church leader, you have a circle of influence. Os Hillman’s newest book helps you understand how to be a person of influence and why God is calling men and women to be change agents in culture. Learn more.

Change Agent Video Course

Change Agent Video Course – The Change Agent Video Course features twenty 25-35 minute presentations with discussion questions posed after each session, a 100-page workbook and textbook. Topics include calling, culture change, prayer, and much more. Ideal for workplace small groups, Sunday Schools, business lunchtime small groups, home fellowships and marketplace ministry groups. Includes Change Agent book and 100 page workbook. Requires computer or DVD player. Learn more.

Five Fallacies of the Purposes of Money

Five Fallacies of the Purposes of Money – Why does God prosper some, while others still live in need? Can we trust God to provide when we don’t have enough? In this book you will discover five fallacies of belief that most people live by regarding money. You will also learn the five primary reasons God gives us money. Paperback, 80 pp. Has questions after each chapter. Learn more.


Making Godly DecisionsMaking Godly Decisions: How to Know and Do the Will of God – How can you know if you are making a decision that will be blessed by God?

In Making Godly Decisions, you will learn the principles for making good decisions that are also godly decisions. Paperback, 80 pp. Questions after each chapter. Learn more.

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