“All the information I received in this course was pivotal in confirming God’s call on my life. A lot of times we think we are inconsequential and that we cannot do anything to change our culture. I know that is a lie from the enemy. Being here confirmed that ‘Little Ole me’ can go out and make a difference in the world.”

-Sheila Hart, California

“I have to say my experience with the Change Agent Course was awe inspiring, excellent, and it inspires change. I am so thankful for it. The session on the Father’s love was phenomenal!”

Richard Jefferson, Georgia

“I work in the UN with a lot of responsibility.  I took the course to learn more about how to have greater influence through my work. This course has helped me to learn how to be a cultural change agent in my sphere of influence.”

-Carissa Etienne, Switzerland

“This is a course people will get an enormous amount of help, information, community and an ongoing process to learn to become a change agent.”

-Mark Shattuck, Georgia



“I’ve learned a lot about what God has in store for me, and my purpose.”

 -Katy Crandall, Scotland

“I received greater understanding of the 7 mountains in the course. This has been a real revelation to me. I also learned what I can do in my sphere to have greater influence.”

-Erica Wheeler, France

“This course was instrumental in helping me understand how God can use me in business, what I am called to, and how to be a change agent in culture. I encourage everyone to take this course.”

Tom Stansbury, Virginia