Devotionals FAQ

When did you write TGIF?
I wrote TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1 from 1997 to 1999. The Lord impressed me each day for nine months with a scripture verse and an application to adversity and our work life. I first began sending it to friends and then an internet site began to send it out for me. It began to grow at 500 subscribers a month and I began hearing from readers around the world. Today it goes to more than a quarter of a million daily subscribers.

What happens after one year?
It starts over. In 2008 we will begin sending out TGIF Volume 2, an entirely new set of 365 messages by day. You can subscribe to both or unsubscribe from either one. Visit to subscribe to either one.

Are there archives of all the TGIF messages?
Yes. Click here to view.

How can I help promote TGIF to others?
Forward TGIF to your friends!

Is TGIF available in book form?
Yes, TGIF Volume 1 is available in a hardback edition of 365 messages and a paper version by topical order with about 260 messages. TGIF Volume 2 came out in October 2007 and features all 365 messages.

What Bible version is used for the scriptures in TGIF?
The New International Version is used.

What is the difference between TGIF Volume 1 and TGIF Volume 2?
TGIF Volume 1 was written during a 7 year season of adversity. About 70 percent of the messages deal with adversity and our calling in the workplace. TGIF Volume 2 represents a new season in my life. About 25 percent deal with adversity and the rest deal with calling, decision-making, city and nation transformation, and biographies of people who are making a difference.

Can TGIF be displayed on my website?
If you have a website we have a technology that automatically uploads TGIF Volume 1 to your website. This service is free. In addition, we have a program whereby you can develop your own mailing list of subscribers and co-brand the devotional with us and your organization. This is called our TGIF CoBranded Equipping program and there is a modest monthly cost for this service.

Is TGIF available in any audio formats?
Yes, TGIF has 90 90-second professional produced devotional messages that can be used on radio or simply downloaded free to listen to.

Are there other resources related to TGIF?
Yes, we have a separate website devoted to all related services of TGIF. We also have bulletin inserts that churches can use to give to their members free. These are available as a PDF file to download. On one side a TGIF message is displayed, on the other side Faith and Work Facts are presented. We also have branded TGIF, Today God Is First merchandise available in our bookstore.

I am walking through a season of adversity. What should I do?
Please check out this page for those struggling through adversity.

Can I reprint TGIF in a newsletter or local newspaper?
Yes, as long as you ask permission and include the following line: Copyright (date) Os Hillman. To subscribe free visit
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Can I forward TGIF to others without your permission?

How can I subscribe to TGIF?
Click here to link to our website

Does Os speak to groups?
Yes, he speaks nationally and internationally to groups on the topic of applying faith at work and city and national transformation. Click here to see his schedule and get information on speaking guidelines.

Is TGIF only available through your ministry?
No. There are many other ministries and organizations that send out TGIF through our TGIF CoBrand program.

Is Os Hillman affiliated with any denomination?
No. He attends Daystar Church, an interdenominational church in Atlanta, Georgia. Os has a very ecumenical background. He grew up in a Southern Baptist tradition but has been associated or been a member of churches from many different denominational persuasions including Southern Baptist, Church of God, Presbyterian Church of America, Nazarene, and Calvary Chapel. He attended Calvary Chapel Bible School in 1980. His statement of faith can be found here.