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How to Start and Facilitate a TGIF Group

TGIF Today God Is First by Os Hillman is subscribed to by over 200,000 people daily around the world. Readership is estimated to be five times this amount. Christians in the workplace often find themselves isolated and unsupported. Connecting regularly with other believers is vital to live a strong faith in the workplace. Establishing small groups centered around something people are familiar with and already benefit from is the premise behind TGIF Groups.

Role of a TGIF Group Facilitator

The role of a regional facilitator of TGIF Groups is to initiate the establishment of and shepherding a group or multiple groups. This is a volunteer position and must operate under the direction of Marketplace Leaders Ministries which will provide support to all Regional Facilitators.

Please register each group member
Please register each member of your group with Marketplace Leaders so that we can communicate with all TGIF Group members by email. Have them sign up here or you can add their names here.

Are You Called to be a TGIF Group Facilitator?

A TGIF Facilitator should exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They are called to serve others to build the Kingdom of God in the workplace
  • They have a passion to encourage and equip others
  • They are a team player and can operate under the leadership of Marketplace Leaders
  • They realize that Jesus’ commandment to operate as one in unity is key to impacting the world (John 17: 21-23)
  • They have asked God if this is an assignment from Him at this time and feel confident they are called to do this.

Format of a TGIF Group

Purpose:  To help marketplace believers better understand how they can integrate their Christian faith into their daily work.

Targeted Audience:

Our primary audience is a TGIF subscriber in a local city, however, it is designed for anyone in the workplace.  All participants will be registered in a TGIF Groups Database for ongoing support from Marketplace Leaders. The groups are are also great ways of introducing new people to TGIF.

Ongoing Equipping and Support

There is a TGIF Groups Location Website. This site  shows a listing of where there are groups, how to find a group to join and resources to order for your group. There is also a social community for your group to join to stay connected between physical meeting times.

Meeting Structure–  2x a month meetings for 90 minutes featuring a 15 minute reading of a TGIF message and commentary and small group of 5 to 8 discussing TGIF devotional message from a TGIF book or study guide. Facilitator for each group is required.

Suggested Meeting Time and Frequency:   Morning sessions 7:00- 8:30 a.m. Luncheon sessions  11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We suggest meeting every other week to begin with. We have found asking for a weekly commitment in the beginning can be intimidating. However, meeting only one time a month fails to create momentum and failure to meet can mean a two month absence from the group. Once a group bonds emotionally a weekly meeting will be an option. Mornings are usually best before most marketplace people get distracted during their day.

Mixed Gender?
Some people wonder if your group should be all male or all female. That is up to the group leader. Just know that men will not open up with the more intimate details of their lives in a mixed group. Probably the same for women.

How to use your time: We suggest you break your time into 3 30 minute blocks. The first 30 minutes is used to introduce new members, check in with existing members as to what God is doing in their life since the last time you met. The second 30 minutes is used to go through the study. The third 30 minutes is used to pray for needs in the group. Do not be locked into the format every week, but be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to minister to those who may be in a crisis or need special attention that week. You are there for each other, not to get through the material. 

Promotional Tools to help start your group. A sample invitation letter and banner ad is available on this page.

BK-1005-2Meeting Materials  –  We recommend using the 12 lesson TGIF Small Study Guide available from Marketplace Leaders. Subsequent Studies will be provided using a TGIF message as the main message for discussion. Click here to order your small group study book. Volume discounts are available.

Cost to Participate:   Participants would pay the cost of their materials plus any meals or other expenses.

Suggested Meeting Location –  

  • Workplace – cafeteria before hours or during lunch
  • Restaurant – breakfast or lunch
  • Office – boardroom of someone’s office
  • Home Fellowship
  • Online teleconference meeting –  This service is free.

Steps to Launching a TGIF Group

  1. Apply to be a TGIF Group Facilitaor
  2. Determine where to meet
  3. Order materials
  4. Establish a start date
  5. Setup an account with to make your group known in your city. Cost is $5 a month.

    MeetUp –

Apply here to be a TGIF Group Facilitator