Do you have a heart to encourage others?

TGIF, one of the most popular devotionals on the internet, can now be used to equip and grow your organization.

Advance and expand your reach by equipping your people through the TGIF Co-Branded Equipping Program.

  • Do you have a heart to encourage, educate and equip believers to live out their faith in their work life?
  • Do you run a workplace ministry , local church or even a business and want to equip your members to impact their culture?
  • Does your organization need a way to get your name in front of your audience on a regular basis?

If you answered yes to any one of those questions, please read on.
Steve French

“Thank-you for making TGIF available for us to impact the lives of leaders TOGETHER! We simply do not get any higher or consistent praise from leaders than from what we receive from our TGIF devotionals .” -Steve French, President, Lifework Leadership

How does an organization create communication their audience loves to get?

Equipping Tool #1: Co-Branded TGIF Today, God Is First Devotional

One of the greatest challenges in running an organization with a membership is to find ways to communicate with them without being over solicitous. That is why we created the TGIF Co-Branded Equipping Program so that organizations could actually use our content to grow their organizations through the messages of TGIF, a proven devotional that men and women around the world love to read. There are over 185,000 subscribers worldwide!

What if you could get your name in front of your audience every day and actually hear from your audience words like this:

“I just wanted to let you know that I am blown away with this daily devotional!!! It is like these have been sent to me personally for where we are currently during the Church transition. WOW!!! I have been forwarding them.” – Brad, Business Owner

Did you notice his last sentence? I have been forwarding them to others.

When subscribers forward them to others, that means your name gets in front of a whole new set of eyes for the first time. Since I first began writing TGIF in 1998 I have heard wonderful testimonies from readers like Brad from all over the world. TGIF is often forwarded to 25-50 or more people. That means you have the opportunity to touch many lives through that one devotional message.

“The TGIF CO-BRAND program has been an efficient and effective tool for e-communications with our Business Men’s Fellowship members and devotional subscribers. We use it for simple email communication as well as emailing a monthly dvd message from BMF’s president. Thanks for making this very beneficial communication service available in our partnership with the Marketplace Leaders.” -C. F. “Buz” Swyers, Director of Publications & Media, Business Men’s Fellowship, USA

If you have a link on your devotional about an event, a product or service, then you are able to communicate that information daily. TGIF Today God Is First devotional allows you to connect with and serve your members/clients/customers on a daily basis and bless, guide, and encourage them with God’s Word every day.

The best part is that your names remain YOUR names and you can grow your email list to an unlimited amount. It is totally your program. You simply license our content and our template-based system. Plus, you get your own email system for other mails. More on this later.

“The TGIF Co-Branded program allows me to send a word of encouragement on a daily basis to anyone in the nation on behalf of my church.” -B.K., Church

But that’s only one of three tools in our TGIF Co-Branding Equipping Program. Listen to this.

Equipping Tool# 2: Our co-branded articles website provides 23 different topics on faith and work designed to equip your people.

Have you ever had someone make YOU look good without you having to do anything to earn that praise? That’s what our clients say about the TGIF Co-Branding Equipping Program.

Our second equipping tool is our Co-Branded Faith&Work Articles website that provides Christian guidance and Biblical principles through articles written by leading writers on practical topics including adversity, decision-making, leadership, money and finance, purpose and calling, prayer, and many more! Your organization’s name and graphic appear on the site to provide a fully co-branded professionally designed website resource. Plus, custom links appear on the right side that link back to your website.

Equipping Tool # 3. Our BRAND NEW affiliate Christian bookstore identifies the best faith and work resources for your audience to access. And, you earn a commission on every sale.

The TGIF Online Christian Bookstore allows you to equip believers with the very best Christian materials and earn commissions to help fund your ministry or organization. Resources include books, instant downloads, CD’s, DVD’s, and more! Each sale is tracked by an affiliate number. You can access your traffic details, sales and more in your back office.

Equipping Tool #4. A Custom Email System is a Bonus Feature

In addition to having the TGIF co-branded content discipleship tool, an articles website and an affiliate bookstore, you are also able to use a fully integrated email template system for other communication needs of your organization. Newsletters, announcements, and promotions to your audience can be achieved through this state-of-the-art system. You can maintain multiple databases and create many different templates to promote upcoming events. Many clients find this feature alone is worth the cost of the program.


The cost of the TGIF Co-Branded Equipping Program is only $149 per month and requires a one time set-up free of $499. This monthly fee covers the hosting, operation and support of three websites that feature the Co-Branded program. The technology behind this would cost thousands if you tried to go out and create such a program. However, because we host several clients, we are able to offer this program for this very low cost

Let’s Get Started!

Why not start equipping your members today. They will be impressed by what you provide them through the TGIF Co-Branded Equipping Program. Get started today.

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I don’t want to waste time – I’m ready to get set up!

Os Hillman
Need more information or want to speak to a representative? Feel free to Contact Us, or call 1-888-244-8810. Thanks so much for allowing me to share about the TGIF Co-Branded Equipping Program. God bless you.


Os Hillman

P.S. In addition to having the TGIF cobranded content discipleship tool, an articles website and an affiliate bookstore, you are also able to use a fully integrated email template system for other communication needs of your organization. Click here to get started.