TGIF Corporate Ad Sponsorship Program


Corporate Partner Program

Advertise on the TGIF Devotional! Tell thousands of TGIF subscribers about your organization, ministry, product, or service! And, Help TGIF reach more people for Christ. 

TGIF has a portion of our TGIF email list that we allow sponsorship. Our sponsorship program allows you to reach about 50,000 – 90,000 per mailing in different forms. Many recipients forward their TGIF email to friends, family, and co-workers, so your potential audience could actually be two times as large!

There are 3 ways you can advertise to our audience.

  1. A Standalone Sponsored Email
  2. Banner Ad on TGIF
  3. Banner Ad on ML Community Website

About TGIF Recipients

Since the Internet and email are global, TGIF recipients are in many countries around the world. Approximately 80% of TGIF recipients are in the USA.

TGIF Profile

Here is a brief profile of our readers:

  • 34% business owners
  • 23% employee of private companies
  • 16% employee of public companies
  • 4% CEO of pubic companies or upper management
  • 5.5% vocational ministry
  • 52% are over age 50 and 27% are 40-49
  • 80% live in the US, 20% are international
  • 52% are male, 48% female
  • 78% forward TGIF to others each week!!!

Value and Exclusivity
The TGIF list is not available for rent and sponsorship is on a very limited basis based on approval of your product. We do not make sponsorship available but 2-3 times per month, which makes your sponsorship very exclusive.

Email Blast

Our email blast consist of your email message imbedded in our template with TGIF at the top to reinforce the partnership relationship between TGIF and you company. This can be mailed to as many of 90,000 per mailing at a cost of $100 per thousand names.

Banner Ad on TGIF

The TGIF Ad Sponsorship program allows companies, ministries, and other organizations the opportunity to place their message above and around the TGIF devotional and also the ML Social Community. Rates for this sponsorship are considerably less than our email blast. We will send you are rate sheet with your application.



Providing sponsorships not only supports the ministry of Marketplace Leaders/Today God Is First, but also gives you the opportunity to connect with a robust faith-based workplace community.


For current TGIF Ad Sponsorship pricing  please fill out the form below.