Start a Bible Study At Work

Do you want to start a Bible study at work? You’ve come to the right place!

All over America, Christians are beginning Bible studies where they spend most of their time – at work.

These Bible studies are not conducted during work time, but are conducting before work or during lunch. What better way to open a door to Jesus than to host or invite associates to a workplace Bible study. For more on your workplace rights, or for questions about holding a Bible study in a publicly held company, click here.

Below are a few of our favorite workplace Bible Studies:

Experience God’s pleasure at work as you fulfill His will on earth.

Includes book and DVD. View product

Have you ever asked “Why am I working? What’s the purpose of it?” This life-changing curriculum will give you meaning and purpose you didn’t know you had and you will understand your role in the workplace. You can experience God’s pleasure at work as you fulfill His will on earth through what you do on a daily basis, whether you’re a carpenter, cop, CEO, homemaker, or hairstylist. Learn from real-life examples of workers who have discovered how to bring extraordinary meaning to their ordinary work. This book and DVD are ideal for individuals or small groups. Learn more

Many people asked us to develop the TGIF Today God Is First daily devotional into a series of topical bible studies. The popular TGIF devotional is now a 12-week, small group Bible study book. Easy format to facilitate. You do not have to be a skilled Bible study teacher to lead this small group study. Start a group today and help others learn how to integrate their faith life into their work life.

Even though there are many small group Bible study resources available to help Christians spiritually, it has only been recently that small group studies have been written with relevance to the workplace – where most of us spend 60-70% of our time.

The TGIF Small Group Bible Study is such a resource. It looks at the Biblical theme of “Calling” and expands on 12 key TGIF devotions on that topic.

Discussion questions, action steps, workplace application, and Scriptures for further study help a facilitator lead men, women, and even youth who want to study together what the Bible has to say about work and our “calling.” Learn more

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If you’ve started a Bible study at work, please leave your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions below! Together, we can grow and gather more people for the saving power and cause of Jesus Christ.