Os’ Speaking Topics

Understanding Your Purpose and Calling
Do you know why God made you? Do you have a solid biblical foundation to why you work and why God values your work as a holy calling and ministry? In this session Os gives a thorough understanding of what the Bible says about your purpose and your vocation. Os presents in-depth Biblical teaching on why you can see your work as ministry and helps us understand that God views all of life as sacred. We encourage all participants to take our self-assessment, The Call before attending our institute. We will discuss this in this session. Go to http://www.marketplaceleaders.org/.

Reclaiming the 7 Mountains of Culture – How We Lost the Culture
(Available as one session teaching on main topic or full 1 1/2 day Workshop)
In 1975 Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade and Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With a Mission, had lunch together. God simultaneously gave each of them a message to give to the other: “The culture is shaped by seven mind-molders or mountains in society. If we can influence each of these areas for Christ, we will win the culture of our nation.” Unfortunately, we have not been winning the culture since 1975, but losing precious ground. Os will be sharing how we have lost the culture by giving up these mountains and how the marketplace plays a key role in reclaiming the culture.

Reclaiming the 7 Mountains of Culture – Reclaiming a Biblical Worldview
How did we lose our biblical worldview? What are the forces that are threatening our nation that will steer us away from God? Os provides historical statistics on our current condition and how they relate to other nations that fell. He provides solutions during this teaching that will encourage you to know that God is still at work in His people.

Reclaiming the Media and Arts and Entertainment
Did you know that approximately only 500 people control the entire media? Os provides a thorough look at the media and arts and entertainment and how they shape culture. Case studies of tipping points and what Christians must do to reclaim these two vital areas in culture.

Intercession: Understanding Authority in Prayer that Moves Mountains

Do you know why Jesus only prayed sentence prayers? Do you know why God limits His authority on the earth? Do you know why covenant is key to seeing breakthrough. In this session you will understand what it means to intercede as a son versus a slave and why God requires His people to pray. You will learn how to use the authority God has given us to move mountains by our commitment to live in both the inner court and the outer court.

Avoiding the Performance Trap – Accepting the Father’s Love
Do you really believe God loves you? Do you live as a son or daughter or a slave? Many believers think they are loved by God but actually live their lives in a way that indicates they do not really believe it. Understanding how to relate to our Heavenly Father reveals how we will operate in the marketplace. This session will help you understand how childhood wounds may have affected your inability to have an intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father. This life-changing session is often the most important session people will attend.

Becoming a Change Agent
Os Hillman believes the key to becoming a change agent is to solve societal problems. Joseph changed culture by interpreting a dream and then becoming the solution to the problem. God is calling His change agents to come forth to solve problems in order to gain greater influence in culture. Learn God’s processes for raising up change agents. Discover the 6 phases of character development God uses to prepare a Kingdom change agent.

The Cross and the Marketplace Call
Every marketplace leader is first called to the cross and then their calling to impact culture. What does this look like? In this session Os presents the truths of the cross and what it means for every believer. He discusses the processes that many will have to walk through to fulfill God’s purposes in the cross experience.

Upside of Adversity: From the Pit to Greatness
Based on Os Hillman’s best selling book, the Upside of Adversity, Os presents a biblical understanding of why good people go through adversity. He reveals the four reasons every believer goes through adversity and the keys needed to come out of your adversity.

Lessons from The Cave of Adullum
David was forced to flee the sword of Saul. He stayed in the Cave of Adullam during this time. When God raises up His change agents it will sometime involve being placed in a cave of isolation. David was forced to flee the sword of King Saul. The anointing had left Saul and a control spirit was released upon him that made him operate from an extreme place of fear and control of others. This spirit was designed to kill his destiny. He sought to kill David. We will all enter the cave of Adullam at some time in our life. Discover what God does during this process.

The 9 to 5 Window Workshop: How Faith Can Transform The Workplace
Based on the core concepts in his book, The 9 to 5 Window, Os teaches how a believer’s faith can transform their workplace, city, and even nation. Many practical “real-life” examples are included. View Workshop Details

4 Attributes of a Workplace Witness
In this talk, Os reveals the four attributes of the person God is using to impact their workplace, city, and nation: 1) excellence, 2) integrity, 3) love, 4) signs and wonders.

4 Types of Christians in the Workplace
From barely surviving to transforming nations, the four distinct types of Christians in the workplace are presented and the reasons why most are not having a greater impact.

7 Stages of a Call from God
Through suffering his own tremendous adversity that included losing his business, his marriage, and his finances, Os learned seven distinct stages God takes individuals through as preparation for unique calls.

3 Hindrances to Fulfilling Your Calling
There are three primary reasons people do not fulfill their God-ordained purpose. Os describes these in detail and challenges us to move past these obstacles.

From Salvation to Transformation

What are the ingredients needed to see a life, workplace, city, or nation transformed? Who are the four groups of people needed to impact a city? What does God want to do in your city? Os shares these and other insights in this important message.

God’s Move in the Workplace
A review of the exciting trends, facts, and media coverage related to God’s move in the workplace today. Leaders including Billy Graham, Peter Wagner, and Henry Blackaby agree that the workplace is the next major move of God.

God’s Recruitment Process of a Leader
This message is a look at how God called leaders of the Old Testament and its application to believers in the workplace today.

Hearing the Voice of God in the Workplace
Can God speak to us even on the job? What are the different ways He speaks? How can we distinguish His voice from our own thoughts or the evil one? This practical message includes Biblical teaching on hearing the voice of God along with wonderful examples of how Christians hear God in the workplace today.

Joseph Calling
Through the life and trials of Joseph, those who are called to impact nations can understand the role of adversity in their lives. This is a powerful and extremely important message that many relate to and discover God’s ultimate purposes amidst their life difficulties.

Power of the Staff
When God called Moses out of the wilderness, He asked Moses to give Him his staff. The staff represented Moses’ work. Os relates Moses’ staff to our work and how God wants to use our work to perform miracles that will impact our workplaces, cities, and nations.

Receiving Your Inheritance From God
How do workplace believers balance using their skill and ability versus depending on God’s wisdom and power? In this message, Os explains the difference and teaches how to receive your inheritance from the Lord. He shares many personal examples and the Biblical basis for receiving God’s blessings out of obedience.

Role of the Local Church in Workplace Ministry
This message looks at how a local church can effectively equip its members with a workplace ministry. Included are action steps your church can begin to implement right now with your congregation.

Unlocking The Doors To Community Transformation
In this message, Os discusses what a group of workplace believers need to know if they desire to impact their community and see God bring genuine transformation to it.

Work As Ministry
Do you see your work as ministry? Or is your view of ministry limited to what happens only within the four walls of a church building or in a foreign country on the “mission field”? In this paradigm-shifting message, Os presents a Biblical teaching on work as ministry and helps us understand that God views all of life as sacred.

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