Marketplace Leaders Area Director Program

Are you Called to Equip Men and Women to Become Change Agents in Culture?
If so, you might be called to be part of our team.


Marketplace Leaders Area Director Program

A Partnership between Marketplace Leaders and those who feel called to equip men and women in the workplace to impact the Kingdom of God in their city and culture.

The purpose of the Marketplace Leaders Area Director Program is to partner with local representatives who can executive the mission of Marketplace Leaders in a local area.

To qualify to be considered for this one must go through an interview process and the training of the Marketplace Leaders Change Agent Course and read a majority of the books of Os Hillman. This is part of the training required to be able to represent Marketplace Leader’s ministry and to facilitate the training programs from Marketplace Leaders. In addition, there is a financial commitment to become an Area Director and an income opportunity associated with the role.

Listen to our information calle held on September 9, 2014

A Representative of Marketplace Leaders
An Area Coordinator is deemed to be an independent contractor representative with Marketplace Leaders Ministries, Inc and is allowed the right to use the name and logo identifying City and Regional chapters. i.e., Marketplace Leaders Hampton Roads. A one-time registration fee of $499 is paid to Marketplace Leaders. The license is renewed yearly for $195.

The Area Director is established as an independent representative of Marketplace Leaders and is paid as an independent contractor of Marketplace Leaders Ministries, Inc. The Area Coordinator entity will maintain a separate checking account for operating local activities.

Services Provided by Area Director through Marketplace Leaders to local city and community:

Marketplace Leaders will provide membership services and tools designed to equip your local participants in the local and regional chapter.

As an Area Director your responsibilities will be:

Represent the ministry of Marketplace Leaders to area workplace leaders, churches and ministries.

Training – Contact local churches to host and teach half day and weekend Change Agent Weekends. Host small groups to train local leaders using the Change Agent Video Course. Training income is split between Area Director chapter and Marketplace Leaders – 80% to Area Coordinator and 20% to Marketplace Leaders. Area Director pays expenses from registration fees.

TGIF or Change Agent Groups – Establish TGIF small groups that meet at least 2x per month for small group study and encouragement and prayer. (See our TGIF Small Group outline for more details).

Area Directors are Required to have a paid Membership in the Change Agent Network for $47 a month that provides equipping, networking and mentoring online. This program also provides a two-tier affiliate income opportunity designed to generate funds for the Area Coordinator. We encourage development of local Change Agent chapters that can support its members and the Area Director on a local level.

Books and Resources for Resale – Marketplace Leaders will be provide books, audio messages, training workshops and small group resource materials from Os Hillman that are made available to our Area Coordinators for a 40% discount. Area Directors will automatically receive any new resource created by Os Hillman and Marketplace Leaders.

Local Area Donations – Donations made to the local Marketplace Leaders chapters that are generated by the Area Directors will be split – 80% is retained by the local chapter, 20% is given to the national Marketplace Leaders office.

Support – Os Hillman will travel to Area Directors town for honorarium and expenses to support the local work. Each city will have a launch event that Os Hillman will support by speaking at the event. Annual visits by Os Hillman will be required to each city annually after the initial launch for ongoing support and development. Resource income sales when Os attends the local event are retained by Marketplace Leaders home office.

Training – Once a year all Area Directors will be required to participate in Area Director training and frequent conference calls. Each coordinator will cover their expenses for these training sessions.

Summary of Income Opportunities for Local Area Directors

• Training income – registration fees
• Resource sales – resale of Os Hillman products at 40% discount
• Change Agent Network affiliate income – $10 per month for each paid member of $47 per month
• Donations from local supporters of the local vision

Marketing Support

Password protected website for Area Coordinators
• Video training
• Training manual
• Banner ads
• Eblast templates
• TGIF Group support
• Email to national TGIF database to recruit members

Optional Program
Use our TGIF Co-brand Program which provides a TGIF cobranded devotional, articles website, affiliate bookstore that pays 8% commission to the affiliate and social community membership. Cost to the Area Coordinator requires a one-time $499 set up fee and $149 a month. This program can be a primary marketing tool to build a Marketplace Leader community in your city.

Please fill out the below form if you are interested in becoming an ML Area Director: