Are you trying to make sense of your adversity?


You might have a Joseph Calling.

“You have a ‘Joseph Calling’ Os,” said the man to me in 1996 after I went through 2 years of major family, financial and business losses. I was devastated.  I asked him, “what is that?” I wasn’t sure I wanted this ‘Joseph Calling’. But it seemed I was stuck with it, and I had better listen to what he was saying if I was going to make sense of my adversity.

It would ultimately be 7 years before I would see my life restored. But, in His grace, God birthed an international ministry from that season of adversity, where I learned to depend on Him more than ever before in my life.

Friend, I am seeing how God is raising up so many of His Josephs today. These are men and women who, like Joseph, have been thrust into extraordinary adversities for an extraordinary assignment in these days.  We receive so many questions from believers “in the pit” wanting to know what God is doing in the midst of their adversity.  This is why I put together a 4-part video series on “The Joseph Calling: Making Sense of Your Adversity.” By the end of the 4-part series, I am confident you will have a better understanding of what God is doing in your life during this time, and you will be encouraged that there is a reason God has chosen to take you through this process…

A modern-day Joseph is…

. . . thrust into a season of adversity to prepare them to be a spiritual and physical provider of others.
. . . is known by others for their adversity.
. . . often experiences a time of isolation from all that was a part of their life previously.
. . . has major losses in their life in order to achieve a larger impact through their life.


“The Joseph Calling teaching was a life-line for me. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.”

“I thought it was very good. I have been following Os for some time and I always receive something new each time a new program is released.” 

“It is exactly what I need at exactly the right time. It is so apropos to where I am in my life. I appreciate the simple straightforward approach and Os’s passion for the topic.”

In these 4 online sessions you will learn…

  • The 9 reasons why you may be going through adversity
  • Key attributes of a Joseph
  • How to view adversity through God’s lenses
  • The key things you need to know to get out of your pit
  • What is common among every Joseph
  • Why God doesn’t want you to remain in the pit
  • Why Josephs are key to what God is doing in the last days
  • Why Josephs are women too
  • Why Josephs are attacked in the place of their inheritance
  • The 4 tests Joseph had to pass to be elevated
  • And much more

I want to help you fulfill your Joseph Calling. I’ll teach you everything I learned about navigating through the deep waters of the Joseph process which include twenty years of personal experience, so that you can receive the revelation you need within this Joseph Process.

Are you trying to make sense of your adversity?


This 4-Session video course will help you do just that!

Registration Includes:

  • 4 Online Video Teaching Segments
  • Frequently Asked Questions handout on adversity
  • Printouts of each session as a PDF

Os Hillman

I hope you’ll take the time to really understand what God is doing in your life during this season you may be walking through.  This resource is designed to answer many questions you may have about the process, and allow you to make sense of what you may be going through during this time.


Os Hillman

Yes, I want to make sense of my adversity!


P.S. If this 4 Part Video Series does not help you make sense of your adversity, we’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked!