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There’s no doubt that it’s a tough economy, and with 10% unemployment in America, it’s been difficult for many people to find jobs. Here we’ve compiled some great resources for Christian job seekers and resources to help you make sense of your transition.

The Upside of Adversity

“One of best books I have EVER read! -Scott S.

Os’ book The Upside of Adversity is a great book for those in transition. Read the first chapter for FREE here. Also, check out more resources on Overcoming Adversity.

FREE Articles

Our Articles Website deals with topics such as Adversity and Calling & Purpose.

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FREE Teleseminar for Job Seekers

Below is a fully downloadable teleseminar on “Finding a Job in A Recession.” Download it here. This teleseminar was recorded with Brian Ray, director of the Christian Crossroad Career Network. You’ll find many of their employment resources below to help you in your job search, and to assist in this time of transition. Brian’s team not only specializes in finding employment, but also in “career transition” as God may be doing new things and leading in new directions.

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Prayer Resources

If you need prayer during this time, please feel free to email us, or join our Marketplace Leaders Prayer Group and post your request on the site. If you would like anonymous prayer support, please call our 24-7 prayer line at 855 440 HOPE (4673).