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TGIF Today God Is First, written by Os Hillman, founder of Marketplace Leaders, is one of the fastest growing daily email devotionals online today. Over a quarter of a million men and women around the world receive spiritual encouragement each day through this workplace-focused daily email devotional. There are two volumes to choose from – TGIF Volume 1 and TGIF Volume 2. Both carry 365 daily messages containing a scripture and a lesson or teaching with relevance to your life today on topics such as how to deal with daily struggles, workplace ethics, adversity, work stress, leadership, and developing your spiritual life. Each devotional helps you to learn answers to the question, “What does God’s word say?” about your life in today’s culture. Receive your daily devotional by email each day FREE! Be encouraged and inspired! TGIF also includes a calendar of upcoming Os Hillman Teleseminar and Webinars, locations of his upcoming speaking events, and special opportunities. Subscribe Free Today!

3 Greatest Lies

Visit for FREE videos that explain the enemy’s 3 greatest lies against you, your family, and your destiny.

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Now you can minister to your website visitors with the TGIF! Display the TGIF devotional on your website or provide a link for visitors to read the daily message. TGIF – Today God is First is one of the fastest growing Christian devotionals online today. Over a quarter of a million men and women around the world receive spiritual encouragement each day through this workplace-focused daily email devotional. Access Free!


TGIF Radio Minute

For years, many readers have enjoyed the TGIF email devotional messages by Os Hillman. Now the TGIF messages are available as 90-second audio devotionals called the TGIF Minute.” Each professionally recorded audio is excerpted from the popular TGIF Today God Is First daily devotional which is read daily by tens of thousands worldwide. Currently, 90 TGIF Minutes have been produced. NOTE: The TGIF Radio Minutes are available at no charge for use only by radio stations and for internet broadcasts (The TGIF Radio Minute is not for release to individuals). Request Access!


Christian Articles Library –

Marketplace Leaders has developed a comprehensive articles site with over 20 categories of teachings and information on relevant topics to assist you in your daily life. Topics include Adversity, Evangelism, Church-Based Ministry, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Purpose, Ethics, Hearing God, Money Management, and more. Be sure to check out our articles site today! Access Free!

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A collection of easily deployable resources and creative ideas to help you jump start or build your ministry! Access Free!

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Join us in an interactive forum designed to help you connect with others all across the globe! Create your own profile. Communicate with other like-minded Christians who are either in business, or who read TGIF regularly. Learn what is happening in the faith and work movement, how culture is changing and how Christians are impacting their families, workplaces, cities and nations.

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