Experiencing the Father’s Love

“I firmly believe that an understanding of the Father’s love is absolutely critical in the marketplace if we are to understand our true calling as sons versus slaves to further His kingdom & receive our true inheritance as His children.” -Os Hillman

Father's Love Book

Experiencing the Father’s Love: Learning to Live As Sons and Daughters of Our Heavenly Fatherby Os Hillman, 128 pages, paperback – Learn more.


“When God thinks of you, love swells in his heart.”

I can imagine the thoughts going through your mind as you reflect on that statement. For many of us, this idea is hard to accept. Do you really believe God loves you, even delights in you? Os Hillman lost his father at age 14. Little did he realize how this would impact his life as a Christian. It would not be until later in his life he would discover how directly connected losing an earthly father is to how difficult it can be to relate to a Heavenly Father. This book will help you gain insight into what it means to experience the love of the Father and the many reasons so many of us never sense God’s love for us. Os shares many personal experiences and insights from others who contribute to a greater understanding of what it means to experience our Heavenly Father’s love. If you never had a father, or had a difficult relationship with your earthly father, this book is for you. In this book you will discover:

  • Why we can feel disconnected to God
  • How to connect to God on a deeper level as our Heavenly Father
  • Why God wants us to know Him as Father
  • The attributes of a son or daughter of God versus an orphan or slave
  • How gaining an understanding the Father’s love can revolutionize the marketplace
  • Discover why our earthly father relationship impact our Heavenly Father relationship
  • Ways to overcome the roadblocks to connecting to God on a deeper level

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – When God Thinks of You, Love Swells in his Heart – Read the first chapter free!
  • Chapter 2 – Overcoming the Spirit of Rejection
  • Chapter 3 – “You are My Son”
  • Chapter 4 – A Nation in Crisis
  • Chapter 5 – The Father’s Love is All Around Us
  • Chapter 6 – It’s All About the Heart
  • Chapter 7 – Living as Sons and Daughters
  • Chapter 8 – Understanding the Role of Our Heavenly Father
  • Chapter 9 – Jesus Interceded as a Son, Not as a Slave
  • Chapter 10 – Why Restoring the Father-child Relationship is Key to Our Future
  • Appendix: Scriptures on God, the Father


“Experiencing the Father’s Love is a work of art! You are doing good for God and man! Thank you!’ -Gil Stricklin, President, Marketplace Ministries

“…I’ve been reading “Experiencing the Father’s Love” and it is unbelievable that this book had hit my spiritual life exactly. I’m tired of never getting to the place I want to be with the Lord. I am praying this little book will show me the way. -A.C.

“Hi Os,
This is an amazing first chapter! God’s anointing is over this for sure! I pray that all men and women who read this book will experience the heart of the Father and will fall deeper and deeper in love with Him.
Although walking with God is a process, I believe this book is going to be a great weapon to overcome the enemy for every stronghold that is handed to God.” – T.M.

“I really learned a lot about my life in this first chapter. I never really sat back and looked at things like this before, I have got answers to my life and the way i am,i will defiantly get this book.” – J.M.

“Certainly this book will be helpful to many men and women.” -P.M. Additional Resources

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