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A Letter From a Pastor

Dear Os,
I had the most amazing experience in church on Sunday. I wish you could have been here. Let me explain. During this last module of the College of Prayer, I was convicted as Vanessa Battle was teaching on marketplace ministry and my lack of prayer support for our marketplace leaders. I saw the people during worship and confessed that while I had recruited over 150 prayer partners for myself, I failed to pray for them in their marketplace, though their prayers are equally as valid as my own. I asked them to write their name on a piece of paper, and underneath that to put down their employer and their position. Then I asked them to write down the name of their boss and the CEO of their company so I could pray for those in authority over them as well as praying for their marketplace. You would have not have believed the response.

It was overwhelming. Our people flocked forward with their slips of paper. When I then led in prayer for everyone who responded, the place erupted in applause. Our people are praying people, but they have never responded like that before. When I asked God to tear down the dividing wall between the sacred and the secular and led us in a prayer to declare our marketplace holy to God, the place just about erupted. I sensed the pleasure of God in the moment at a very profound level. Thanks for being a good example to me Os.

Pastor Fred Hartley
Lilburn Alliance Church, Atlanta, Georgia

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Want to launch a workplace ministry inside your local church?

Here’s how we can help you.

First we encourage you to read The Faith At Work Movement: What Every Pastor and Church Leader Should Know.


It is a compilation of chapters by many leaders of national workplace ministries and contains MANY practical applications. This book will answer most of the questions you have about how to integrate workplace ministry inside your local church. Learn More and Order

What MUST be understood is that workplace ministry cannot be “another ministry” of your church. It must be part of your DNA, or core philosophy of ministry. This book will help you understand what that looks like. It will answer the what, why, and how of church-based workplace ministry. It includes historical data and facts, church case studies, work-related sermon ideas and biographical examples, a bibliography of books on the topic of faith and work, scriptures on work, and much more. Click here to read Dr. Peter Wagner’s foreword to this book.

“An excellent resource for the Body of Christ and a great encouragement to see the practical ways others have implemented their faith at work. Kudos, Os. A job well done!” – Dennis Peacocke, President, Strategic Christian Services

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Equipping the Church in workplace CD photo


Equipping the Church in the Workplace CD audio is a comprehensive teaching on implementing a local church-based workplace ministry.

How To Encourage and Equip Those You Serve

Marketplace Leaders provides a practical way to apply within your church the concepts in Os Hillman’s book, Faith and Work is a combination of three online tools you can use to Equip, and Encourage your congregation on a daily basis in their vocations where they spend 60-70% of their time. Each day, those who are on your church email list can receive a faith at work devotional email that greatly encourages and ministers to them as well as allows you to communicate with them about upcoming events, prayer requests, announcements, messages from the pastor, and more. The daily devotional is sent from our email server but has your church name and logo at the top so those who receive it see it as a ministry service you are providing to them.

“I’m not sure when I started receiving this daily email. However, it is God’s Providence that I receive it. I did not start reading it faithfully until a couple of months ago when I was going through a struggle. Each day I read the message, the Lord is using it to confirm what He is doing in my life. Most of all, the Lord has told me to trust Him and obey Him. It is so evident God is speaking to you as you prepare each day’s message. God is growing me so much through the wisdom I receive in these daily devotionals. I have forwarded them often to friends and they have told that God speaks to them as well through the message.” — Missy P

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Our new 20-part video series based on Os Hillman’s new book, Change Agent is ideal for home groups, workplace groups, and church Sunday schools.

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TGIF Cobrand Program allows you to brand three of our most popular tools to use in your church to equip your people.

1) TGIF Today God Is First devotional is one of the world’s most popular workplace devotionals. Written by Os Hillman, it is subscribed to by thousands of people around the world. Now your organization can brand this devotional with your church name on it.

2) The next tool is unlimited access to helpful online articles on over 20 work-related topics written by leading authors and speakers. You can link to these articles from your main church website as well as a link within your daily email devotional. Article topics include:

  • Adversity, Conflict Management, Entrepreneurship, Balancing Family & Work, Ethics/Values, Evangelism, Hearing God, Leadership, Legal Rights, Prayer, Money, Sales, Spiritual Warfare, Theology of Work, Work as Ministry, City Transformation, Intimacy With God, and more.

3) Finally, your church will be an affiliate of the TGIF bookstore ( to equip your workplace believers with the very best faith at work resources that are difficult to find in local Christian bookstores. These are books, CD’s, DVD’s and e-Books that make an important contribution to the spiritual growth and maturity of Christians and relate specifically to their workplace calling. You will earn a commission on every bookstore order, but you won’t have to fulfill orders or stock inventory.

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More Tools and Resources For Your Church

Read Os Hillman’s article on City Transformation and the Role of the Marketplace Marketplace. Listen to a 5 minute audio message on key elements needed to see transformation.

Host TGIF on Your Church Website
We provide a free technology that automatically displays the current day’s TGIF devotional on your church website. Once the script is loaded onto your site, nothing else has to be done for the devotional to appear each day. Get the code!

Uniting Workplace Leaders and the Local Church – 3 Part Audio CD Includes two messages: one by Os Hillman in which he addresses the question ‘Do business people want to control the church?’ and another message by Kent Humphreys with practical solutions for how pastors can reach out to business leaders in their congregations. Bonus Track Ed Silvoso, Dr Peter Wagner, and others give input on this topic of uniting workplace and church leaders in an “open-mic” discussion. Learn More and Order

The Church in the Workplace
Dr. C. Peter Wagner, who is a former seminary professor and now heads up Global Harvest Ministries and author of 70 books, has a unique gift of identifying where the Spirit of God is moving on the earth today as it relates to the Church. The Church in the Workplace is a book and CD in which he makes important observations about God’s move in the workplace and it relevance to the local church. This is a must read & listen for every workplace ministry leader and pastor. Learn More and Order

Quick Start Articles
Want to get up to speed quickly? Below are several articles and excerpts from The Faith@Work Movement: What Every Pastor and Church Leader Should Know

What Is Workplace Ministry? A Q&A interview with Os Hillman

The Faith and Work Movement: Opening the 9 to 5 Window


If you have additional questions about launching a workplace ministry in your local church, call or contact us. We have developed cooperative relationships with other ministries that are serving the local church and can help you determine the best avenue for your church based on your needs. Contact us